Sabah Honeymoon Adventure 3D2N
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Sabah Honeymoon Adventure of a lifetime

Designed specially for U & Yours Truly!

This is the perfect package for you both. Get on that challenge and spend the nite at foot of Mt Kinabalu. Have a taste of adventure and be surrounded by the chirping of the birds, the trees and the mountain. We have an all inclusive honeymoon package for you love birds!



Nabalu Market



Kinabalu Park



Poring Hot Spring


Come Visit Kota Kinabalu for your Honeymoon! It will be an unforgettable experience for U and Yours Truly!


This package does not reach to the mt Kinabalu summit but a 8 km trekking ( from Timpohon Gate going up until Layang-layang Point and come down thereafter) so that it is not too tiring for your trip.