Santubong Wildlife Cruise 1D
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Let's Cruise the Santubong River  and the Santubong Mangroves

along swampy river to see the wildlife there.


Santubong Rive Cruise Tour

Cruise to the mouth of the Santubong River, where Irrawaddy dolphins and crocodiles  are spotted regularly. Bring your camera along to take photos of these wild animals displaying their majestic beauty in these swampy river.

As your boat glide along the mangrove lined rivers, you will see rare proboscis monkeys, often in small group of family. They are perched at tree tops, and most easily visible from your boat.


As dusk approaches, we will search for fireflies and crocodiles. Crocodiles are often seen on the river  banks, their eyes shining as we point our torch lights at them.


After searching for crocodiles, our boat will proceed further up the river where we will search for fireflies gathering at night. After a delighful  firefly light show we return to the jetty and back to city. We will also provide a packed dinner.