Borneo Battle of Wheels
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 21 days “The battle of Wheels & Penan Rainforest Cultural Festival”

This event is a combination of the battle of wheels and the Penan Rainforest Cultural festival whereby local and international participants takes part. This is a very unique event whereby you seldom see or heard about the Penan Culture. It is a very rare as we just starting organizing this event. All the Penan from Ulu Baram will gather together at Tenyok Rimba Community Resort situated on the 20,000 acres of rainforest to perform their musical instrument and dances.

The first part of the event “The Battle of Wheels” will be held in Bau, Kuching at the village Kampong Rafo where the race track has been established. After the event, we start our touring to Miri and onward to the interior part of Sarawak and Sabah. It is one of the most exciting adventures in your life time!


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