Kuala Selangor Fire Flies Excursion (Daytrip)
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One will not miss a Magical way to spend an evening in Malaysia having the chance to experience unique phenomenon of trees lit by fireflies on late afternoon of Kuala Selangor. Driving through scenic beauty of Malaysian countryside, enjoying dinner at local restaurant at riverfront before proceeding an evening boat cruise on traditional wooden boat  (Sampan) sailing upstream to experience thousands of fireflies sparkling at tree branches forming uniform street lights along the river.

 Miles away from hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, the country side of Kuala Selangor is best known for its Historic values and scenic natural site Mangrove forest walking through the natural trails in the mangrove forest will provide full experience and knowledge of its ecology importance and to spot landing of migratory birds in the sanctuary.


After having delicious local dishes at riverside restaurant, you will be in the traditional wooden sampan experience fireflies sparkling on mangrove trees resembling rows of lit Christmas trees located on both sides of the river.

 Kuala Selangor is the one of the two sites in the world beside Amazon River of Brazil where millions of fireflies “flashing their lights” on mangrove trees having best time to experience one to four hours after sunset. Kampong Kuantan with easy accessibility is the best location along the Selangor River to this experience.

Package: Fireflies Kuala Selangor

Price: RM180 per person (Sit In Coach)


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